On My Return

In a few hours I am due back at UNCC for my first class of the semester. I am going to an orientation for one of my online courses at 8AM. It is supposed to be a library workshop as well as learn how to WebCT. I really wish I knew why my instrucor (Dr. Cheryl Brown) insisted on this when I went through the same thing for my English 1102 course and I have been using WebCT for like over a year now.
Having completed a 16 week course in 3 days last week I am feeling confident in my ability to take on the material that is about to be thrown at me, but the social nervousness makes up for any bit of confidence that I may have.
One year ago my life was a little different, I was enterering as a scared freshman, I didn’t know anyone and didn’t really have a need to, because I was just happy to be on the campus and not be scared of it. Hopefully this year I will avoid being an outcast by not acting like one. I have 9 hours of class on campus each week, as well as 6 hours web-based that I think will keep me from being bored for a while. Some of the material for the courses I have this semester I have already gone over in some of my other academic pursuits (fits of bordem?) which should make the load lighter to handle.
At the moment I think I am slightly pissed because I have nothing to do for some of my courses, even though I should. Mrs. Scott activated the course, but hasn’t turned on the assignments yet, so she is still dangling that ball of yarn in front of me.
I guess I am excited about my classes, I think I would be moreso if I didn’t have to be there at 8am, but I guess it wont kill me for 2 days.