GITI, Your inadequacies are showing!

GITI is a pain in the ass to operate when I am not at home, this indicates that I rely too heavily on the admin side of things for it to work properly, consider revising.
The schedule tool is the paitient of ridicule today, I tried reactivating an invitation that I cancelled last night using the Interface, but it just isn’t possible. I am moving away from the raw unfiltered database lifestyle in the current stable (LOL!) version of GITI, so I actually have the chance for things to go hidden from me. I need to establish some sort of rules for how schedule should operate for ‘Once’ events (standard schedule), ‘Week’ events (events that repeat weekly for a period of time and ‘Invite’ events (not real events, invitations to an existing event, entered as a new event). There must be some uniformity and control to it. At the moment the project is about to fall on its ass because I have just been making notes about problems and not actually taking care of the problems.
I guess I should mention that I did finally get the invite moved back to its correct status (from CAN to NO), which in this case is a little weird, because originally that field was based upon whether or not an event was complete, but now NO = Accepted Invitation, YES = Completed event, CAN = Canceled. Its all a bit confuzzling (yes Guy, I stole your word!).