New Opinion of Liberal Studies and Political Science

I never thought that I would actually say this, but I am enjoying a liberal studies (LBST) course and a Political Science (POLS) course. They are the same course technically, its a LBST course in the field of political science, which I signed up for on a whim. I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with the course, its web-based and its supposed to be a study of the Internet on other cultures. Unlike Mr. Long, Dr. Brown acknowledges that Dr. Postel existed and also feels about the same way as I do about him. I don’t think there is any better way for an intstructor to get my attention than to be slightly out of the ordinary like that and suprise me with her opinion.
At the moment I am not sure of my schedule for next semester, but as always I have the wildcard slot open for a course to slide into. Currently competing for that slot are 2 of the courses that Dr. Brown teaches, as well as Ceramics, Human Sexuality (the sociology version) and anything else that may spark my interest from the catalog anytime in the next few months (registration begins in November). If things go well this semester I might allow myself to take more than one wildcard course (i say wildcard, not elective, because a wildcard course for me doens’t have to be an elective, as long as I enjoy it). I don’t really want to stretch my time at UNCC out too much, but I would like to enjoy my time here, make some friends and just overall learn to become a responsible adult capable of living in the world.