Disgust with v1

It finally happened, I am now to the point where I can’t stand GITI version 1. It is hard to navigate, a pain to develop for and lacks any form of logical structure. GITI Version 1 has been perfectly fine for me the entire time it has existed until now, and I think im falling in love with version 2’s ease of use and simple navigation. In addition, now that I have the ability to make GITI function uniformly, developing for it is a lot more fun (the “command” module). Version 1’s time is nearing an end. As soon as I have time I must convert all modules to version 2, especially now that v2 has its own modules (Library primarily). A lot of things from version 1 will be joining the Do-Do bird soon, this includes the “Journal” module, it is being replaced by only the “item journal” stuff, since I can treat a day as an object (funny how 20050915 resembles something like 0734 isn’t it?). GITI will remain under the Pythagorean system of organization (numbers, only numbers), so there is no problem with any of that. Another problem area is the concept of making GITI v2 multi-user. In version 1 of GITI, everyone is the same and everyone has access to all functions for their own accounts. This is all well and good for those of us who can ignore superfolous [movable type needs spellcheck] features, but for some users it is confusing. Currently for v2 I am experimenting with a group-driven system, which i plan to expand to group+user-specfic. Yesterday I added my mother to GITI as a member of the “librarians” group, so she has only access to menus specified for that group, which at the current time is Home and Library. I am a member of a group that I called “System”, im not sure why I called it that, but I should probably go back and call it “Full” or something equally non-confusing. At the current time all of the menus are done by client-side JavaScript using a SQL query. This works for group based stuff, but it wont work for group+user specific, unless I want all of the user-specific stuff at the end of the menu. I will probably end up using a standard array for this, so I can have the ability to sort a second time before thowing the information to the Javascript.
On my way home tonight I began considering the many options for replacing my main summary on GITI, which is highly restrictive currently. It isn’t the first time ive gotten ideas for ways to better use the space that is availible to me in v2. I like the ideas of utilizing columns instead of just a centered table with very little information. I have roughly 1024 pixels I can utilize for that page, why should I use just 500 in the middle of the page, and none anywhere else? Before GITI’s summary was called “summary” it was called “GITI Today”, indicating that it was supposed to cover roughly 1 day, maybe 2 at most I think. I have been feeling so overloaded with the stuff that GITI has been showing me, even though some of the stuff can be as far away as 15 days. I shouldn’t feel like my life and ability to do stuff is impeded by the fact that I have 5 things that must be done in the next 15 days. I have time, time for fun, time for whatever the hell I want between now and then. Either GITI must address every possible aspect of my life, or it must be configured to not make me feel like i have some sort of obligation all the time. Since I am not planning to write a module to handle every possible thing I might want to do in my life, then I must get GITI to chill out a bit. I am a very non-motivated and tend to try to stick to my obligations only, this is a very bad practice.