Mistakes Are Fine As Long As They Are Consistent

It would appear that as long as a mistake in logic is consistent, then there is no real error. It would appear that I have been storing ID info for “time” journal entries incorrectly, I have been using all values of the date for them, but omittiing all leading zeros, hence, today is 2005916, not 20050916. Upon looking at the problem closer, I noticed that GITI is retrieving the entries using the same stupid mistake, so I guess as long as all is consistent, it doesn’t give a shit how far off it is… If this does become a problem though, im moving to a less problematic time system… perhaps seconds since Unix Epoch and getting info for an entire day using a range… or maybe Star Dates, at least they use decimals and not some multi-part orgy of numbers for identifying something so solitary as a day.