Stupid People

OK, got a truely original comment to the blog today.
[Can’t you say, “That’s so stupid,” instead of that’s so “gay?”
I mean, you use the word “gay” like it’s a bad thing.]
This is in relation to the previous blog entry about Guy’s quote. First of all, as you will see, this person was a total coward, using a fake email address as well as using the name “Me”. Second, I wasn’t using “gay” negatively, I was refering to the level of homosexual-specific activity Guy was participating. Guy is by no means stupid, he is a very intelligent person, anyone who can speak Gaelic and about 10 other lagnuages would never by considered stupid by me.
One little comment for the prick who had the need to comment with his head up his ass, “gay” was originally used to mean happy, and now is used for either that or describing homosexuals. There is more to “gay” activies than male-to-male anal sex. If you wish to communicate with me further about this topic, feel free to email me, or comment again, this time with your real email address.
I welcome comments to my blog, but only under 1 condition, they MUST be about the blog entry itself, not the title.