As Quickly As It Began, It Was Over

Well… I went to my ITIS2300 Exam today.
10:53 – Arrive in Atkins 126
11:01 – Exams distributed
11:06 – Exam start signaled
11:17 – Exam complete and turned in
The exam was 5 “short” answer essay questions. By “short” he meant tiny. No complete sentances were needed, “list 3” or “list 5” was the instruction on most of the questions.
Mr. Long’s humor in teaching has its place, today was one of those times, I don’t know that I have ever been so relaxed for an exam. The combination of factors was just so strange. I saw my first ever UNCC blue book, its one of those things that high school teachers tell you to expect, but then I just had never seen one and the seriousness of the book itself made me somewhat uneasy, up until the point when Mr. Long said “if you like, sign the academic integrity policy if you like, I dont care, I trust all of you”. He followed that one with “oh, and if you would, turn them in in alphabetical order so I can grade them easier”. The exam itself I would describe as “comprehensive”, it hit all of the points it needed to hit and pretty much confirmed whether or not we knew what we were supposed to. That being said, ever since I began college back in high school (insert chuckles here) I have been used to the word “exam” creating fear and anxiety and it being associated with a long strenuous test. No so in this case, I had seen all of the questions before (see link below), and the exam was a tiny half page document, printed on cheap paper. Way to go Mr. Long, your exam was just what it should have been, no more no less (although, a bonus question asking us to identify the crusty ole broad may have lightened the mood a little more at the end).
Exam Questions (all possible):
The ones he selected were:

  1. List at least three ways to define the audience for a Web site.
  2. What are the five navigation questions that each page must answer for users?
  3. List several ways in which an organization can communicate its identify through its Web site?
  4. List four guidelines for displaying text on a Web page.
  5. Explain the trade-off between bandwidth and video quality on the Web.