Happy Post

After that last post I decided I should now post a happy post. I am fine, and didn’t kill myself (obviously). There is a new policy on my blog I think… no more trackbacks to public blog repositories, they generate scary conservative people who want to leave nasty blog entries for me.
I have not been doing a lot of stuff lately that would be classified as cheerful, so I really need to get back to that. I have been mostly focusing on academic stuff, and not letting loose to do fun stuff. In the proccess I have been stressing myself out and over-complicating things. Blog entries such as the previous one should not occur when my life is normal. While I realize that some of the things I do in my life aren’t always the best I could do, I shouldn’t immediately drop to the “evil person” persona and think that there is no good that I can do. My personality is greatly variable and I can change things within myself to be closer to my ideal self.

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