Hiking at Crowders Mountain

Yesterday was a very eventful day for me in comparison to most other days for me. At a little passed noon Chris called me and asked if I want to talk to him in person in a quiet location. My first thought was his room or on a drive somewhere, but for once he was actually being more adventuous, he wanted to go hiking! It took a little bit of convincing for him to get me to do it, but I agreed finally. The idea originally came from Marshall though, on Monday he was telling me about his trips on Thursdays to go for a run up the mountain, and I was pretty much pasting every line he typed to Chris. If I ran up like him, I would be dead now. Chris and I went to Crowders Mountain and took a slightly more leisurly pace at it. The difficulty level of the hike was supposed to be strenuous, but it was a fairly nice path, there were some rocks, but nothing I couldn’t handle. We hiked Pinnacle Trail, Fern Trail and then Lake Trail, then we had to walk back up the road to the visitors center, as we were nearing the end of availible time before the park closed. I am presently a little sore, but not bad considering the distance walked. I am really looking forward to doing it more often now. Chris usually gets bored with things we do repetitively, but if we explore new trails each time we go, it shouldn’t be too boring, and the physical challenge portion of it makes it more fun.
We got a few pictures while we were there, but I don’t have access to them at the moment, as im posting from Barnard Labs (although, a different lab in Barnard than usual). I will post the images as soon as I can.
For more information on Crowders Montain State Park, please visit http://ils.unc.edu/parkproject/visit/crmo/home.html