Spring 2006: Course Descriptions

DATA STRUCTURES (ITCS2214) – A study of the theory and implementation of abstract data types (ADTs) including stacks, queues, and both general purpose and specialized trees and graphs. Programming emphasis is on the use of an object-oriented language to implement algorithms related to the various data structures studied including creation, searching, and traversal of ADTs. (Fall, Spring, Summer) (Evenings) (Internet)
SMALL GROUP COMMUNICATION (COMM2105) – Principles of discussion and deliberation in small groups. Practice in organizing, leading, and participating in various forms of group communication. Emphasis on problem solving and leadership skills.
PHYSICAL CONDITIONING (KNES1201) – The application and basic science of physical training programs designed to improve and maintain physical fitness. (Fall, Spring)
INTRODUCTION TO COGNITIVE SCIENCE (ITCS3216) – Crosslisted as PSYC 3216. Prerequisite: Consent of the Department. Interdisciplinary introduction to the science of the mind. Broad coverage of such topics as philosophy of mind, human memory processes, reasoning and problem solving, artificial intelligence, language processing (human and machine), neural structures and processes, and vision. (Spring, Alternate Years)
CERAMICS WHEEL I (ARTC2172) – Introduction to wheel forming methods and emphasis on skill development, design, glaze application, utilitarian and sculptural concepts, and basic high-fire techniques. Six hours. (Fall, Spring)
METAPHYSICS (PHIL3275) – Inquiry into the most fundamental and comprehensive structures and categories of reality, especially in relation to persons as knowers and agents. Discussion of such topics as: being, existence and truth; substance, essence ad accident; universals and individuals; mind, soul, matter and god.