The Tower Sings Again

After almost a 9 month absense, the Belk Tower, at the center of UNCC’s academic buildings now chimes again. It chimes on the hour and then sings 3 times a day. The absence of the sounds of the electronic Carillon in the tower caused a major “disconnecting” of the University community. The tower has always been a popular spot to gather, but it wasn’t until this morning that I remembered just how much more dramatic the activity level at the tower was last year before the Carillon ceased functioning. I was quite suprised this morning when I was entereing the campus and heard the sounds of the carillon chiming. Last Fall the tower played music 5 minutes before my noon class, so it was always sort of a warning of the time, but in some ways a motivational boost. I am very excited that the tower is back to its old self again.