Curtis = “& Family”?

I hate inconsiderate assholes. Christmas cards about the most obnoxious forms of mail on earth. Too many are addressed to “Steve, Ellen & Family”. Who the fuck is “& Family”? Is it so hard to remember my name? C…U…R..T…I…S! Hell, at this point I would settle for K-U-R-T-I-S :-(. When it really sucks is when the card is from a family member, even if they are somewhat distant. I am an only child and I expect some sort of respect for that role. Anyone who writes “& Family” in place of a single additional name is a prick.

One thought on “Curtis = “& Family”?

  1. Awwww!
    D’na worry about it, Curt… you don’t really like your family that well anyway, if I recall rightly.
    If people you don’t like, don’t know who you are- that’s damned near a compliment!
    (In case you couldn’t tell, the same thing happens to me periodically.)

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