The heart is a swirling mass of conflicting emotions. Flowing between self-preservation, caring for people who are special in our lives and the decision proccess that often falls between those two places. One must find the proper balance between the two to have a happy life. Humans are socially dynamic, which creates a situation where it isn’t always possible to maintain the same people throughout one’s life. Friends often pull apart because of a social distance that is formed when the friends begin to develop independant (im starting to hate that word) interests and begin to grow in personality in different directions. Friendships are as fragile as the weakest personality in them. When that weakness is added to something like a loss of trust in a friendship, then the friendship will likely hang in uncertainty until the friendship quietly vanishes, or things improve and the friendship rebuilds itself. I find myself presently at this uncertainty, and wish I had a bit of guidance. As I think of what form such guidance might take I realize all of the offers I have had from my network of friends asking me to talk to them when I have problems. This situation I believe is beyond the abilities of that network, I think at the moment the only thing that will help me is having a strong conversation with the friend and determining where things stand. It is never easy losing friends, it is much more noble to rebuild and not let differences ruin what has been so good for so long. It now occurs to me now that perhaps the problem is not with the friendship, but with the “rules of interaction”. Since we have changed, perhaps the friendship has to change as well to accept the new dynamic.