First Earthenware Glaze Tests Complete

On Tuesday evening my new electronic balance (Ohaus CS2000) arrived, the final piece of the puzzle for making glazes. I began with 5 simple recipies, of which I used 4 and then made my own 6th.

  • Test Glaze #1 (not used) – converted from a lead-based recipe, but not attempted in this batch.
  • Test Glaze #2 (blue/creamy purple) – made from a modified “programable earthenware glaze recipie”, using base glaze #2 and a few other components I decided to use on my own.
  • Test Glaze #3 (red?) – made as a direct interpretation of a “programable earthenware glaze recipie”, using base glaze #2, with no modifications
  • Test Glaze #4 (icky) – same as #3, but with added bone ash.
  • Test Glaze #5 (kinda dark green) – Base Glaze #2 with some copper and chrome thrown in.
  • Test Glaze #6 (Dark Blueish Grey) – Base Glaze #2 with cobalt, iron oxide, whiting and Zircopax.