One thought on “RT: June 01, 2006

  1. Hey Curtis. Google gave me your blog, interestingly enough. I have a PH.D. in Philosophy and always like a ref. to Aristotle. I’ve also climbed Crowter Mountain years ago with friends from Charlotte. That was a curious coincidence. I’m also gay and believe me, I went through a lot of what you are writing about. The agonizing days and nights of being in love with “sympathetic” straight friends almost did me in. I got through it. Hope and think you will too– you’ve got a lot of talent (ceramics, writing, etc) and intelligence. You may have to move to a friendlier town one day, though, when you can. I live in Atlanta and that’s where I met my husband.
    Oh well. Just wanted to say hi. Check out my blog if you like– it’s full of ideas and maybe a little too full of myself.
    Happy trails.

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