Its been a while…..

Its been several weeks since I have touched my blogs. Where have I been? What was I doing? What were my feelings while I was doing it? I don’t have a fucking clue. I have been mostly ignoring any concept of outward expression lately, in favor of a more silent and closed life. I have been busy with things here or there, but mostly I have been working on my hobbies, talking to friends and helping family. I made a decision in August 2004 that I was going to keep this blog updated and not let it go stale, and I intend to stick to that. I want to start keeping a more active journal of my life, in two forms, public and private. I have tried numerous times to keep an active journal, but paper journals don’t seem to work, and I haven’t taken the time to make GITI’s journal utility not suck and keeping a journal in Word just seems so pointless.
Well…the bar is open (im back to blogging)