An Engineering Course for Non-Majors

Welll… after some digging, I did find a course in the engineering field that will allow non-majors to enroll, unfortunately, it isn’t that practicle. The course is “Design of Intelligent Spacecraft” (ECGR3090, section W01 for those who want to register), it is technically “special topics”, so the provost doesn’t have a course description for it, but according to a website I found that contained a course description written by the instructor, it is:
“An inter-disciplinary course is proposed which integrates concepts from mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science to educate students on the design of intelligent spacecraft. Course instruction takes a new tact best summarized by the expression: All science was new at some point. This approach augments class topics with historic context and, in some cases, facsimiles of original works such as Galileo’s theory on planetary motion. Course topics include mathematical models of planetary motion and heat transfer and how these models are used in designing intelligent spacecraft, i.e., robotic systems which can autonomously perform complex space-mission tasks.”
Once again, I can’t register for fluid mechanics, but this shit is wide open to me.