Why can I not take Thermodynamics?

I was just glancing through the availible courses for the Spring semester at UNCC, trying to perhaps round out my schedule with something substancial, but all of the fun courses are closed to non-majors or require weird types of pre-requisits. I want to take Intro to Mechanical Enginerring, Thermodynamics I, Fluid Mechanics or something along those lines. I want to expand my horizons, and dive into something exciting, even if I do it under audit status. The question I have to ask myself is, do I want to do something like this bad enough to beg an instructor to issue me a permit to register for the course and then let me take it as an audit course? I guess I just want to take courses that will actually be practicle for me in my life. I dont think a lot of computer sci courses will help me in the real world. Philosophy will help me personally, ceramics will give me a backup career, but what about things that will really help me? I think that some basic engineering will help me in general, I just wish it were an easier field to take courses in.