Twenty-five Clay Pots

In a few hours I will be getting up to go to my ceramics “exam”. My final grade will rest on my 25 self-selected pieces. I have over 140 pieces completed, and I haven’t been able to convince myself that I have selected the best 25 pieces. I spent a lot of time looking over them, but im still uncertain. How do I know what someone else will like of my work? I can’t count on the work that I like myself, because Tweedy’s opinion is totally different, she is a strange creature. I have been worrying about every possible aspect of things: the forms (and their compliance with the projects), glazes (their application, their appropriateness for each piece), the compliment between pieces, and a variety of other things that the artistic types like to pick about. I don’t know when the last time was that I was this nervous about something.
One spot of bright news (or maybe just something to further complicate things), there are 3 kilns currently loaded with my work that will be unloaded tomorrow, providing me with even more options for pieces to select for my projects.