Worry for Nothing

After many tense moments of waiting, configuring my pieces on the table carefully, then going to the glaze room to wait for my chance to defend my pieces, I was confronted with a single question before the critique: “Curt, where do you see yourself in the future?”. I was unsure of how to answer the question, then Tweedy clairfied herself, “ceramicly”. I told her my goals based on my feelings at the moment she asked and after taking a second to look at my pieces I told her “I want to go bigger, but make my pieces lighter”. She pondered the table a little, looked to my cyllinders, said “your little guys get an A”, she looked at my tall cyllinders, “these are very interesting, I like them, well done”, then ok, your bowls Curt, hmmm…. not a perfect half globe in the bunch (a project-based peev of hers) “well, they are overall good, B”, then in a matter of seconds… “spheres and bottles, A, free project, was it 5 bowls?” No Tweedy, it was 5 bowls and 7 bottles, “oh, I made you work hard didn’t I”, no, it was fun, I enjoyed making the bottles, “hmm… ok, A”… “Curt, it gives me great pleasure to assign you this grade…” she holds out the review sheet in front of me…


I am really excited, so much so that I am now almost jumpy, and looking for people to tell 🙂
I did it, I got an A in ceramics.