Ceramics: The Final Frontier

Today I embarked on one of my last truly “new” objectives in ceramics, sculpture. Part of the ceramics curriculum for this semester is wheel thrown sculptural forms. I have never done anything for the sake of sculpture, I have always done functional forms. The assignment is a series of 6 serial sculptures, of at least 12 inches in height, showing a progression or consistent changing theme. I have chosen to do a series of sculptural pieces that reflect my resistance to sculpture, as well as my transition to accepting it. The first and middle (i think) pieces were finished today. The forms are fairly refined for the first piece, appearing as a pile of wheel thrown forms, with very little manipulation. The middle piece (the only other one i did today) is similar in its keeping to good form, but is a little more loose with some wheel modifications (dragging to create warping, etc).
The form is roughly specified now as (bottom to top):
Large Bowl
Large Cylinder
Small Bowl (inverted)
Medium Bowl
Small Cylinder
Medium Sphere
Small Sphere

One thought on “Ceramics: The Final Frontier

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