Subtle Humor Lost in the Written Word?

I have been told my previous blog entry, “Time”, was insulting. For anyone that may have been insulted by the entry, I’m sorry, I did not mean it in that way. I accept myself to be a standard of non-standardization, and expect my readers to do so as well. I exist in a world of my own where I can state what is normal, knowing that it is likely that anyone viewing into my world will perceive it as a queer and confusing place. I accept that I am different from a lot of the world, hence I write from a perspective of the majority, with the reality of being in the minority, in order to personify the way I experience things in the “normal” world. So again, I am sorry that my words were taken as an insult, I have a great respect for those of you who can still think of 12 hour time as the standard.