A Sign of Relief in Ceramics

Tweedy has done something that she has never been known to do in the recent history of the studio, she moved a deadline. Being a few projects away from being done, I am glad that I now have closer to 20 days to get finished instead of the 7 previously.

Task Old Deadline New Deadline
Ceramic Paper April 4 April 4
Make Clay April 12 April 23
Throw/Trim April 12 April 26
Fire Bisque April 19 April 29
Fire Glaze April 29 May 3
Final Exam May 8 @ 2 May 8 @ 2

So much pressure was relieved today when the new schedule was disseminated. The emotions of the studio were much lighter than they have been in weeks. No one was really rushing today, and as a result, it seemed like there were much better pieces coming off the wheel. Even Tweedy seemed to be more calm today (this is her time of the semester to mellow out and watch us work until the last day usually).
Things to Do:

  • Finish lidded things (need 5 seated in lid)
  • Finish sculptures (3.17 of 6 completed)
  • Create an original and challenging project of ware (10 pieces)
  • Glaze about 115 pieces