Behind in Ceramics

I have thrown many pieces, including my sculptures, but I am back to my same fear from last semester, I am missing something or something will not go right.
My sculptures are all done but one, but because of their size, I am now worried that I won’t have time to get them fired and glaze fired. I am planning to work on a very small backup sculpture project, something that meets the minimum 12″ height requirement, but thats about it. I’ve considered things like stacking bowls in unique ways, but also thought about things like throwing organic forms, like different types of squash, maybe a tree of two.
In addition to the things I feel that I NEED to do, I also have some unfinished business that I WANT to do. For example, I would really love to throw a 50lbs bowl, even if it sucks at the end. I also have a desire to complete a few more tall narrow forms for fun. I still plan to throw up until the very last minute of throwing, so I will probably try to do a few more sets of things while I’m at it, or maybe I will stick with my tradition of doing big things. It is said to be risky to do things with lids that are over a diameter of about 8″, so perhaps I can throw a casserole that is about 14″ diameter and also throw an appropriately sized lid (about 13″ most likely) for it.
I can feel that I am running out of time, but somehow I feel even more pressure in myself to keep throwing, to move forward and to make great leaps in my work in the final hours remaining. I have done it once before, and I will do it once again.
Here I go, just a few more days to go, and I am filled with creative energy.