Character Exercise

Imagine a person who uses public space as if it were private space. Write a description of this person in any form you chose, describing his/her actions.
He stood there, in the cookware section of the department store, staring intently into the bottom of one of the finest polished steel skillets in the store. His hair was neatly styled into rows of spikes held in place with gel. His muscular arms sprouted from his tight tshirt like tree branches, glistening in the artificial light above him. The shirt clung firmly to his muscular chest and well-formed abs. The rest of his clothing, just a simple pair of running shorts and athletic shoes to accent his two trunks. His face still staring into the pan, his blue eyes fixed on the object of his glance. He reaches down into the two quart saucepan beside him and pulls up his razor. He pulls the blade quickly through the layer of foam on his face, once, then again and again until his face is clear of the foam. He returns his razor to the saucepan, then opens the lid of the roasting pan on the shelf below where his skillet hangs. A small cloud of steam rises from the roasting pan. He reaches in and pulls out a small cloth, which his then uses to wipe his face. He returns the cloth to the pan and then turns to leave. When turning he is confronted by a young woman with golden hair. She inquires to him “Sir, what are you doing?” his cleanly shaven face turns bright shades of red before he responds “Ma’am, I am running late, as I often do, and neglected to shave, and this spot seemed as good a choice as any”. The woman smiled and nodded, and the embarrassed gentleman excused himself and dashed off to his station at the sporting goods section of the store.