My Hummingbird

The task is to write a ten-line poem. This poem must include a proverb, saying, or familiar phrase (examples: as fast as greased lightening, one foot in the grave, the whole nine yards) that you have changed in some way. This poem should also include five of the following words in it:
cliff, blackberry, needle, cloud, voice, whir, lick, mother
My dear hummingbird, you visit me every spring
You leave me every fall
You mother your young so near the needle of the pine tree
I spy you grabbing sweet nectar from the blackberry blossom
That is a taste we share, as when the berries are ready, I too will get a lick
You seem to have no voice, only great speeds with which to communicate
When I lay on the lawn to watch the clouds, you zip by, with not even a sound
I wish I too could move at your speed, but in the summers, I prefer to read
Your presence makes me happy hummingbird, you are my friend
Look before you whir my dear hummingbird, for my window is a rather steep cliff