Day and Night

Journal Free Assignment – Comparing Day and Night
The day is hot and filled with energy
There are kids playing and lots of events occurring
The sun rises to its peak at about noon
At noon the ground and the air heat
Sweat is shed during the events of the day
Through athletic events and outdoor work
Looking to the sky reveals a glowing ball of gas
The sight bringing with it glare and spots
Day is focused on activity and on getting things done
Everything is rush, rush, rush
The elapsing of time is very present
Every moment the sun is giving us light is precious
The sign of a well used day is the coming of a relaxed night
The night is cool and the world is calm
Children are asleep and events slow to a dull roar
The sun has set but the moon glows vividly in the sky
During the night the air is still warm, but not very hot
At night the occasional chill moves through the air
Causing a goosebump here or there
Laying on the ground, staring at the sky
Planets, stars and the moon, all reflecting a delicate light
Night is the cession of day, it is a time for emotion
Emotions flow freely at night and people companion each other
The time seems to go on endlessly, the clocks go unwatched
While abundant, the time of darkness is special and not to be wasted
The sign of a well used night is the rising of the sun and a new day
feels a bit unfinished and needing work. Symbols aren’t coming through with the level of emotion I want. I feel like I have no structure, and no place to go with the work.