Programming and Logic

Journal Free Assignment – Computer Science poem
If, then, else
For, while, do
Variables are set
Constants are too
While is very free
While For is limited to three
If helps you decide
Go this way or that
If the value is true
This option we do
If the value is false
Follow the else, it requires no halt
With Do there is no ifs
Operations happen now, no matter the result
Infinite loops are no fun
They start and they never know when they are done
Increment your counter
Check the counter twice
Upon successful completion
Place the loop on ice
Brackets, semicolons and the like
Found prevalent in the code
When it comes to the language of English
These devices do not hold the mode
With the semicolon we end a line
Concatination with the period is not far behind
The symbol of equal evaluates nothing in this land
If you use two, then you can
For operations we frequent
A functions must be written
Special data type situations may exist
A class will serve to fix em
Lines of code are composed
Then lines of code are compiled
For this to happen, we wait a while
If all went as it should, then the program will run real good