Journal – Describe a dream


Spinning downward, flashes of light
I can’t determine which directions are left or right
The smell in the wind blowing fast
Seems to be from my past
My grandmother’s bread-pudding
I land on my feet running
The surface upon which I land
Is no land at all
I am on the moon
Near a spacecraft that is unmanned
I walk out across the plane
Dust flies around as I stroll
There seems to be no where to go
As I stand on the pole
I stare down at the globe below
The planet is so round and blue
The oceans are a very pleasing hue
Clouds circle the ball today
I become suddenly scared of the height
I can see down, afraid of a fall
But where would I go?
Which way is up? Which way is down?
The floating station comes by for its daily pass
It is much bigger to me than Earth
I reassure myself that the truth is in mass
Once I find a way away from here, there will be a return of the girth
I wake up quite suddenly to the sun, realizing gravity again
I feel almost as though I am floating to the bathroom
There is a spewing of rhymes, couplets and things
Oh why did I fall asleep reading Butler last night?
The things that man says just are not right
I am physically back in my world
However, Butler’s words still take a toll
My mind still has not had a chance to become un-twirled
Varying parts of self remember their role
I remember little of the world I have just visited
Though experiences of that magnitude tend to stay in my head
Butler refers to Robert Olen Butler, the author of “From Where You Dream”, a textbook for the course