List and describe your obsessions
Obsessions, Obsessions
Cared for deep and with impulsions
Often ignoring other emotions
One of my most obsessive is paper
Paper of thin and wispy is not my fancy
Paper in colours of creame and ivory do not suit my taste
Words stand out on sheets that are bright white and heavy
My paper must be at least thirty-two pounds per ream
And shine with no less than one-hundred eight lumen
In recent days, I have strayed
No longer the purist
Now using heavy parchment
Paper made from compressed exotic materials as well
Even as I stray, I still demand only quality of high
Laser printed text stands boldly against the white
Text printed the darkest of blacks
Crisp laser letters never bleed on the page
A difference of night and day
The appearance of the letters is half the message
Paper with clean printed text
Or with neat calligraphy
Weighted with strong resilient fibers
Documents of integrity require obsession