Another GPS Use: GeoTagging

Another use for the GPS tracklock is geotagging. GeoTagging uses a digital or encoding film camera’s internal clock stamp on images in the EXIF data format and the tracklog from a GPS (automatically using known time information) to match points in the GPS to images. A lot of modern utilities, including Google’s Picasa (with Google Earth), can automatically associate the information in the log with the information the camera writes. The end result is an image that looks no different from before, but includes very detailed information in its attached EXIF data that will allow you to know exactly when and where a picture occurred. It may seem trivial to have that information in a picture, but when you think about it, photographs are very vague. A two dimensional rendering of a space doesn’t provide for many clues when it has been many years since a picture was taken. Every blade of grass looks like every other blade of grass, and environments change.
I have yet to take any pictures or store any tracklogs of any significance to try this yet, but I will attempt to do so as soon as the proper situation presents itself.