Lack of Motion

The problem with living where I do is that everything is calm. The most disturbing thing around is the wind moving flowers and leaves about. Normally this would be a relaxing environment that is pleasant to photo…but this week I need things in motion to make my photography assignment work.
The most dynamic and moving thing in my life is Chris, and I have already had him running and posing for me for so many shots for motion I would feel guilty asking him to pose in motion for me, or make other things move again. I live near a highway, but nothing really interesting happens there either… my best shot would be to find a fast moving train, and even those are rare and come without warning.
I have to capture motion in situations where I stop motion, blur motion (background is stable), pan (foreground is stable, background blurs) and perform a long exposure at night. The blur motion is easy when you figure out where to look and the instructions to give your guinea pig. Pan is a little harder… getting the camera and the object moving at the same time is a challenge. The long exposure at night is easy… I just have to find something interesting to go for the long exposure on.. preferably something that emits light. Stop motion will be simple as well, once I find the right thing in motion that I want to stop… I could stop motion on anything… but not just anything will show the absence of the motion but still allow for the knowledge that it is in motion.
I have to turn in my shots tomorrow night at midnight… I think I will be ready… as long as it doesn’t rain tomorrow I should be able to make it work (tornado would be good though… lots of things suspended in air to capture the stop motion on).