Crocs are not attractive footwear. Crocs do not make good cell phone cases. Crocs are hideous, revolting and should not be sold in any English speaking country. I was so disgusted yesterday when I was presented with the option of a Croc case for my cell phone… and an assortment of little "add-ons" to make it even more ugly. Crocs have no purpose trying to keep anything safe. The material is better suited for use as a laundry basket… something that needs ventilation for proper function. For Croc supporters, don’t even give me an argument about wearing them at the fucking beach, if I am going to be in contact with that much water and sand, I am not going to be wearing something that will let that much sand and water in, but isn’t open enough to let it all go back out, and plus, they are ugly. I have two options at the beach:

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Be a man, don’t wear plastic shoes.

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