New Cell Phone


After wrestling with choices for a new cell phone before my new 2 year timer begins, I finally made a choice. I have selected the LG VX8550, also known as the Chocolate. I ordered it in black. I got a different type  of belt clip for this one. Instead of my usual dorky rigid plastic clip, I’m going with a more open holster that will allow me to access my phone quicker. Ordered the data cable with the phone, but I don’t think it will be of any more use to me than the one for the VX8300 was.

I was very excited by the LG Voyager at first, but for what I do, it really isn’t practical.  I’m not exactly a cell phone geek, but for some reason I am excited about the Chocolate, it might be that attraction to shiny black things that I have… but this one isn’t leather. Anyway, Ill post more info once the phone arrives next week.

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