Reason for the Blog?

Why do I blog? What purpose does it serve? Does it protect me from being social, or does it give me something to do to fill my time? I really don’t know anymore, and there are days when I question the existence of the blog. It started being for academics, primarily, for my to document my first year of college… that is now behind me by about 160 credit hours.

This month marks 4 years of blogging. The blog went live on August 16, 2004 and was placed at on August 23, 2004. In some ways the blog just serves as a reminder of all of the things I have wanted to do and haven’t been able to, and a small number of things, but some chance, I actually managed to do.


In 4 years there have been 658 entries, which averages to about 14 per month. In the past 3 months I have gone way above that. I have been averaging about 2 entries per day for the last 3 months. I don’t know if I have had more to say, become more open with my thoughts, or just been more bored in that time, but the numbers have increased dramatically. In the last week or so I have noticed that some of the entries seem to be very short, but get lengthy responses.


What is a personal blog supposed to be? What is my audience? One of my friends commented that he sees my blog as more for my personal records than for anyone else, and he would be correct. It has become a personal chronology of sorts, but I don’t know much more about it than that. It has evolved some, but more or less still remains on the same track as it was when I created it so long ago.  I think originally this blog was supposed to have ended by now, but I suppose sometimes plans change.

One thought on “Reason for the Blog?

  1. ” I think originally this blog was supposed to have ended by now, but I suppose sometimes plans change.” — As stated, some of us are for the better due to that fact.
    Why do we ever share ourselves with the world? Simple answer: So that someone might want to share themselves back.
    Example; It is not in my nature (not even close to it) to email randomly. Contacting you was risk that I can’t explain in any way except to say that I was suppose to… for whatever reason, it was right.
    I reached out, put myself out there, for the same reason that you do… so that someone might reach back and take that chance with you.
    Look what it got me… I got asked a question that still makes me smile:
    “Do you like the idea of having me as a little brother?” — Ya damn right I do!!!
    BLOG ON KID!!! And never for a minute think that someone isn’t reading…
    Besides, if you stop… I’d have to find someone knew to stalk.

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