Gay Marriage Bans

Looking at the number of states that have some sort of Gay-Marriage Ban on their ballots for November, I am shocked. Isn’t this a step backward for a society? Should we be seeking to limit the rights of citizens like this?

I am personally against homosexuals being married. Marriage has become more about a contractual obligation than an institution to protect love between individuals. The straights have managed to destroy the institution of marriage by being more concerned about whether or not gays could be married than policing the validity of the heterosexual marriages occurring. I believe the rights that are being granted with marriage should be able to be conferred in other ways. If there were two straight men, best friends, who had no family remaining, and one of them became ill, chances are, a hospital would not allow the friend to be present or involved at all. Its a rather disgusting thought. Why is there no legally recognizable institution for situations like that?

The fun part of the whole thing becomes, do we care about love? do we care about family? or do we care about reproduction? The conservative view seems to be one of reproduction. Marriage is a very cold institution when you look at it from a legal view.

One thought on “Gay Marriage Bans

  1. While I agree with a large part of what you’ve said… this is the thing to keep in mind…
    While we should be able to create laws and rules to decide whom we include in our lives, be it friends, lovers, or other family… you have to remember that we have to do things in steps…
    Gay marriage is just a step to that. I think if you can put a spouse on your insurance (for example), then you should be able to put your best friend, or your roommate, or anyone else you may choose. I think once people accept that it’s no longer a world of expected and set attractions then that might start to change. If that makes any sense…
    On the up side, no one will ever argue with my brother about where he belongs cause I WILL kick their ass.

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