Another step towards a parent-less society

I love Ford’s newest “enhancement” to its vehicles. A special key for teens to use when driving that restricts their speed and stereo use. What a piece of shit! Ford claims the device is to help teach kids how to drive more safely. I must question what the awkward year to 18 months in most states where teens are to drive with a parent before getting their license is supposed to be for. It sure as hell isn’t chauffer training.

I am personally against any device that restricts speed in a vehicle. I don’t know how many times I have been driving and had to speed up… usually above what is considered safe, to avoid a road danger (I think they are called truckers in most states). A brief burst of acceleration isn’t always a bad thing.

I really think that parents should be more responsible in their own driving to encourage responsibility in young drivers. Letting children know the expectations that parents have for them is often a very effective way of getting them to drive responsibly.