My Personal New Year

I don’t really get into the whole “January 1” renewal thing. I don’t get why people make resolutions still, or why any of those traditions still hold. In general, when “New Year” traditions were started, the individual person was less important, and people actually kept their resolutions. I personally do not really celebrate the New Year the way others do. I typically spend the New Year’s week working on GITI and her components, but that has nothing to do with anything, except all of the real holidays are over and it is my last chance to work on GITI during her “down time”. Typically that work goes on during the first week of January and the last week of July, when the academic module is least likely to be corrupted.
My personal new year happens on my birthday, March 4th, each year. I take that week to look over ‘my’ previous year and see what has occurred. In some ways I suppose I treat January 1 as a warning signal to begin making progress towards goals and things, and to wrap up anything goaled for that year. Also, it gives me a chance while everyone else if scrambling to get their own goals together to be meticulous in assembling my ideals for the coming year of ‘me’.
Just my personal rant, if I look back to last January, I’m sure I will find a similar entry.