Transcript Delays

I transmitted my latest transcript from CPCC to Gaston at the end of December, December 14th to be exact, and finally today the transfer of credit has appeared. I feel that the entire process has become over burdened and is not as efficient as it should be. CPCC and Gaston use the same common course library, so therefore, their courses are exactly equal to each other and transfer seamlessly, even if one school doesn’t necessarily teach a course, it is still transferred exact, because the courses apply to the degrees exactly the same anyway. What pisses me off is that it took over a week for admissions to enter my transcript into their records as being “received”, and that’s after they were on vacation for 2 weeks after the transcript arrived (they had time to enter it before the holiday). After admissions entered the transcript, it took 2 more weeks for the registrar to “evaluate” (copy exactly into their records) my transcript and award me transfer credit that applies to the degree that I was supposed to have been awarded in the Fall semester. I guess at least everything is in now, and before the registrar began the process of verifying my degree requirements. The shocking thing for me is how much faster CPCC is, and they have a history of being slow and unreliable. It only took CPCC about 3 days to reciprocate for Gaston.