Erikson’s 8 Stages of Ego Development

I always find it interesting to read something academically and find relevance to my own life in it. Upon reading about Erik H. Erikson’s 8 stages of ego development (or eight stages of psychosocial development) I found myself identifying areas of my own life where I had not necessarily completed some of the stages with a positive result, mostly the stages involving my parents. I do not trust easily because I never found them to be particularly trustable (stage 1 basic trust/mistrust). During the 2nd stage when I should have been developing autonomy, my parents were always telling me things I should not be doing as opposed to letting me develop normally. I suppose you might say that they were overly controlling. Stage 3 depends soley on a child’s ability to image. This did not involve my parents, so I developed quite at bit in this stage and completed it with positive result. At some point I managed to get through the 4th stage and find useful things to do as well as begin taking control of my own academics and developing intellectual interests. Self-esteem and a circle of peers is not something I developed during this phase, mostly due to parental interference. Parents should never convince children that they do not need friends because they have family.
This is where the simple answers end. In stage 5 I am supposed to establish a sense of identity. I do not quite feel as though I have completely developed one yet, which according to Erikson, is much better than developing role confusion or negative roles. I should have finished this stage already, but I can not confirm that I have.
Stage 6 I think I may have entered, but can not be certain. Stage 6 involved self disclosure and the ability to bond to another person and develop and intimate relationship. I’m pretty sure that my present relationship qualifies, and I do not feel as though I am turning towards isolation at all. I am majorly coming out of that possibility.
Stages 7 and 8 tend to be for later life, but I do see some traits of stage 7 in my life, just not to their most developed aspects. I desire to improve society and certainly have the fear of inactivity and meaninglessness. But, don’t we all?
This link is not the best resource, but it does give some insight into Erikson’s theories.