New GITI To Do Module

I feel like I have rewritten the ToDo module so many times, but it probably has only been two of three rewrites. None of my rewrites have been anything useful, or anything I have even really looked at after it was written. There was even one revision that once completely finished, I rolled back to the original version of ToDo. Now I think I have something that might work well. I have moved away from my traditional GITI item manager style of writing a module and moved to a somewhat smaller implementation. The module’s current entire UI is displayed below. All there is to it is a list, each item with a checkbox, a method for deleting unwanted items and a way to add new entries. As with any GITI module, this is not as far as it is planned to go. This is just its primarily implemention, on the GITI summary (home) page. Additional functionality will be added to allow items to have a deadline, as well as add a verbose description.