Cryptic Blog Entry #2

At times I am a really selfish person. There is an item that was dangled in front of me a few days ago and now that product is only available to a specific group of people. This upset me greatly and I went into a very selfish mood over it, which I suspect bothered some people. I looked at other items of a similar class, but found none to interest me as much as the candy that was dangled in front of my face and then yanked away like yarn from a cat. Life seems like it isn’t fair sometimes. Although, in this case, the group that is so entitled to receive said item technically probably needs the item more than I do, and I could settle for a lesser item, but why would I want to when the superior item is available?

2 thoughts on “Cryptic Blog Entry #2

  1. Look at it like this…
    In a year or so, you can get this particular candy used and abused (and likely guaranteed so by one of said “specific group”) thus making it all the more desirable to you…
    that’s what ebay is really for ya know.

  2. Yes, but sometimes the candy is sweeter and has a better aroma when it is fresh. Besides that, I don’t want it in a year, I want it now!

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