The Modules

Module Status Description
Address Book Stable Converted from its independent state, Address Book is fully functional with no presently pending issues or incomplete features. The module is however, due for an overhaul to bring it into the GITI space more completed as well as to refine its mission.
Bookmarks Dead Module was started a few times in different ways. Module was never completed and is not currently in the list of modules to be created.
Collection* Stable Feature complete module for managing footwear, wear logs and various other attributes. This is Chris’s module to maintain. I am just a happy user.
Cookbook Theoretical This module is in the planning phase, but should become a fully functional module for managing recipes.
Documents Minimal This module is very much functional, but in a minimal state. None of the planned advanced features exist. The module is a very basic document editor for creating fairly plain documents, such as MLA style research papers.
Education Incomplete Education is almost complete, but not quite. There are still many outstanding features as well as some bugs that need to be resolved. The module is quite usable and can easily manage classes for many semesters, including course planning for future semesters.
E-mail Dead Simple send-only email tool, recorded sent mail to the database. Utility is no longer functional and has been removed from GITI.
Health Variable Health is listed in GITI as a module, but it really is not yet, it is an “umbrella”, it contains other modules (or parts of modules). Health contains the very simple, but yet functional masturbation logger, an almost non-existent Nutrition module that does basic meal tracking including calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. There is also a nice module created by Chris that can track workouts and progress towards fitness goals.
Inventory* Planning Inventory does not really exist. It is prototyped based on Library. Its eventual goal will be to track a bit of everything. The original data that was given to it was a glaze list, which has since become inconsistent. Eventually it should be able to track any physical assets, including things that need to be reordered, or just general stuff that is around that might need to be recorded.
Journal Stable Journal is a bit of a shell module as itself, but it is much more robust as ItemJournal, its inter-modular counterpart which utilizes a lot of the same code. Over time I have lost the need for Journal personally because I tend to blog whatever is going on, especially now that I have a private blog as well. ItemJournal is more useful for associating information with objects in other modules.
KeyChain Minimal Minimalistic utility for storing software keys. It works, that’s about it. 
Library Stable It puts books in, it checks books out. Nothing more complicated than that. It is a nice, clean module.
Notepad Stable Its a hierarchical notepad system, supporting multiple “pads” and “pages”. Another one of the “clean” modules
Schedule Unknown Schedule, the module that gave GITI its internal name, is in a somewhat variable stage at the moment. Its between being sort of working and being ready to be overhauled. The module works ok. It schedules things, including stuff other modules need to add to the schedule, but some of the stuff, like invitations and a working calendar are not yet implemented.
Status Complete There is not much to it. Its hooked up to a web interface. It manages a status put into it. Doesn’t even require its own page, plugs right into the summary system.
Summary* Complete This module takes “summary” information from other modules. This can be anything from contacts with birthdays occurring soon, to assignments coming up soon in Education. It is quite useful, but of course, like anything that is truly working in GITI, I didn’t write it. This is considered part of GITI’s core code.
ToDo Deprecated This version of ToDo has a lot in common with its GITI v1 predecessor, including about 90% of its code. It works, but not very well. I haven’t used in in a long time because it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of GITI v2. This version was actually reverted to the original code after a close call with being rebuilt from the Notepad module. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but after the fact, it wasn’t pretty.
ToDoList Minimal This is a new approach to To Do. It does not look or feel anything like the other attempts at ToDo. So far, it is only a simple list, as featured in a previous blog entry. It will be finished with more detailed management soon, but for now, it stands as it is, quite usable.
Weather* Complete Uses weather channel weather information. Not much to it on the user end, but a pretty nice module. Thanks for yet another module Chris.

* Not my module

I now understand why I have had to rework the menus lately, more modules than there is space, plus there has to be space for the independent constructs.