GITI Cookbook

We’ve all seen a cookbook and there are tons of web-based as well as desktop applications for cookbooks as well. So why would I want to write my own for GITI? First of all, because its GITI, it is MY Personal Information Manager. Second, I like things a little more  custom to the application of things than some of the other apps are. I do not need shopping lists and things generated (at this point anyway, and if I do later, that will probably be coordinated with the Inventory module). The third reason is because there is a lot of integration I can see for this. From just being able to store and retrieve single recipes to being able to assign “tags” to recipes to make them part of a master meal plan, it can all be used across multiple modules. Finally, if I write the code, then I know how the data is assembled and I can more quickly build web apps that use the information or even write an app in C# that can use the information.

The major origin of this entire project is my recent growing collection of recipes I am keeping in a 3-ring binder. Most are from or other similar sources, but some are recipes that I have written. I do not like having my recipes stored in physical form, it limits my access to them as well as makes it more difficult to get another copy if I get something on the physical pages. I will probably still keep my physical copies in a notebook, since I tend to be a little messy when cooking (especially baking).


The planned functions for GITI Cookbook are:

  • Recipe Storage
  • Search by name
  • Search by ingredient (perhaps even multiple)
  • Servings adjustment for recipe output
  • Nutrition export directly to GITI Health
  • Date/Event Tagging
  • Image of food (when available) via GITI Assets
  • Notes about the recipes (alternate ingredients, etc)