Feeling Perverse

I am by no means the most sexually driven person in existence, in fact, any one who knows me knows that I care very little for actual sex. My sexual world consists of a variety of fetishes and kinks. My interests range from a simple foot/sneaker fetish to bondage and on the upper end of my desires and experience, enforced chastity. In general I do not worry about these things because they do not interfere with my normal life and I thought they were no where near becoming an obsession. My erotic world fits very neatly into a few black bags, an under bed box and a safe (as long as you ignore the top shelf of my closets). That world never sees the light of my normal life, it is hidden from all view, even my own, most of the time. My interests may seem strange to others, that has never bothered me, only those closest to me do I worry about incurring judgment from. The problem with that policy is that I am close to myself and I have to worry about what I myself think. Today, seeing all of the elements of my erotic world placed in front of me bothered me, I felt like I had just been exposed, even if only to myself. The amount of things I poses related to my erotic interests disturbs me. I am not easily bothered by many things and think of myself as open minded, but there is some degree of internal control that thinks that perhaps the amount of space I have that is filled with these things is beyond what it should be. I do not know how to proceed, I have tried the throwing all of the stuff away method before, but I regretted that. I am not morally bothered by the stuff I have, but I think I am a little upset that I do not use it more often and that I have managed to collect so much stuff without realizing it.