GITI’s Biggest Problem

GITI’s biggest problem as far as development and module completion is my inability to create an effective and useful UI. I can’t see in my head how things should look and outside of the first few modules I don’t really know how I would really want to present things anyway.

Cookbook is the present module that is being created. The first few ideas for the module called for something very similar to the way the other modules presently look, with an intention to change the look later. The problems are that the module ends up looking very empty when implemented that way and also, I have a habit of giving modules my intentions and then not remembering to go back and complete what I intended (see about 4 attempts at ToDo and Schedule). I am having a hard time with cookbook because I am making it more graphical and I have many ideas for what I want to see in it, but those things are not as simple to create as the things that I have done many times on other modules. This module is different because it has to be both a GITI module and a useful individual app, and I am also trying to make sure that things I create are not too hard to port into a desktop application as well (if for no other reason, then just to defeat the cloud concept).