The Scope of a Blog

This blog began as a way for me to record events during my college career. I began as a very frightened freshman, and had a lot of anxieties to expose to myself and to my readers. I have grown out of my anxieties and have become more of my own person since then. Things still bother me, but those things are no longer a limitation. I now am faced with this blog and its purpose for existence. This blog was originally supposed to reach a conclusion when I graduated, but having taken a somewhat different academic path and my academic career being longer than expected, that may no longer be the best indicator of the longevity of this blog. Through this blog I have learned that I am not in a bubble and that my world is more than just mine. I suspect there are less readers now than when the blog began, because I have a lot less friends, but as Maslow concluded, self-actualized people do not have a lot of friends, they keep very few, who are also actualized or are constantly close to it.

This blog has seen a lot of changes in me. It has seen me go from being a psychology major to an MIS major to an SIS major and now back around to being a psychology major. Our lives place us in a lot of strange situations when we are young. My youth has not entirely left me and I am still figuring out who I am. I have not failed the self identity crisis (Erickson), I am still working towards resolving who I am. This blog has helped to ensure that. For a blog that has helped form who I am, do I choose to retire it, or do I choose to simply let it go on as it is as a public record of who I am? I am comfortable with who I am now and I feel that this blog reflects that.

For now the disturbing thoughts continue and so do I, Curtis.