First IR Images

My IR pass filter arrived this morning. I have done a few subjects with it. Not much yet though, as it requires a lot of time to use this filter (like 15-30 seconds per frame).



The wind today made these shots a little hard to get and thus, they are a little low in quality. The fun part of the IR photo process is that you can never really see what you get out of the image until you finish post-processing it. I did not shoot in RAW today because I was not aware of this, but on future IR adventures I will use RAW to store my images for a more simple post-processing job. The original images came out quite a bit different than these finished versions. The originals were bright pink as a result of the red/black filter in use. I processed out the pink color by using the pink as the neutral color.
DSC_6923 DSC_6912

The cool thing about IR is that it is not color sensitive at all. As you can see in the first image, the red tulip and its green leaf are almost the same color in IR, this is because the image is composed of only the IR radiation that is reflected back off an object. I do not know a lot about IR yet, but a few of the articles I have read suggest that that object density determines what hue it will appear as on the image.