Aesthetically Picking A Flash

I argued the point a few posts back about which flash I should consider for my D-60. I kept reading about “Camera/Light separation” values, so I went looking to see if I could find pictures of the SB-400 and SB-600 mounted on the D-60. The 600 is below on the left and the 400 on the right. I was OK with the idea of having a slightly large flash on top of my camera, its just a photographer thing, they kind of mount there (on the hot shoe). After looking at the two flash units on the D60, my only question to Nikon is “Is there an SB-500?”. Seriously, I would like something between superubertank (600) and the microbouncer (400).   The idea of picking a flash is starting to scare me and I am beginning to wonder if I should consult a professional on the topic and get their opinion. At the least, I need to do some more reading and go by effective power and flexibility of the flash, not how terrifying it makes my camera look.


2720829129_c4901e82f0 nikon-d60-with-sb-400

SB-600 (with diffuser) mounted on D60 with 18-105mm lens. SB-400 mounted on D60 with 18-55mm lens.

One thought on “Aesthetically Picking A Flash

  1. Why not find a place that sells em, take your camera, try em both out on your own, and see which ya like best? Or, like you said, see if you can’t locate some pro’s and get some input, maybe try out one of theirs.
    Not to sound too self-serving, but RCC has a great photography department. The people are as nice as can be… might think about calling em up and asking if you could come in and get some tips and try a few things out. If ya needed a tour guide for the (small) campus, I think you might know a guy 😉

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