Looking over my old blog posts, I feel like I used to be more interesting, or at the least, more expressive. Now I barely blog about things that anyone else would actually care about. My blog posts recently have read more like weather reports than like a public journal. Perhaps it is just the way things go in life, as we age, we become less interesting, or perhaps it is more like going through cycles of interesting. I feel like I have more direction in my life now than I have ever had before, but it doesn’t seem to matter, nothing interesting comes from it. Perhaps the “interesting” for me was the trip of self-exploration for getting here. I have been through so many different paths before finally arriving on this one. I am becoming more happy with my life now, things are filling in, and the direction seems certain, progress seems imminent. I can’t say that I feel successful in my life yet, but I feel that I am approaching it, and that having a clue about my own positive traits is guiding me towards that destination. Life is strange in a very fluid way. You think your life will turn out one way, and then things shift and it turns out completely another, but in some ways, the alternative is as good, or even better than the life you originally imagined.

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